Reduce Belly Fat in a Week, Improve Digestive Health, and Feel Energetic the Whole Day - 2022

Reduce Belly Fat in a Week

Today, belly fat has become a common problem for everyone and is the most complicated area to reduce fat, but what if I say that you can lose your belly fat in weeks and get your desired belly shape? I know you are thinking about the heavy workouts, running, diet, gym, etc., but NO, you don’t need any of these to reduce belly fat in weeks.

In this post, I will tell you how it is possible but before this, let me introduce myself, my name is Priti Gupta, and I am the founder of I reduced 6 kg weight in one and a half months and 4 inches of lower belly fat, which were the most complicated part to reduce. I did this with some changes in my daily routine and eating habits and got results in weeks. I must say that food is 80% contributor to your weight management, the rest 20% is your lifestyle. So, let’s begin the ride and know about the formula to reduce belly fat in weeks.

Reduce Belly Fat in a Week, Improve Digestive Health, and Feel Energetic the Whole Day - 2022

Before starting, let’s understand the two key factors which are the major contributor to reducing my belly fat. The two key factors are Fasting and Food, let’s take them one by one.


According to naturopathy and Ayurveda, fast is the best means for physical and mental purification. It doesn’t mean that one takes less food than is required, it is against the natural law. Many people make the mistake of regarding fast as something like starvation. “Fast begins with giving up the food and ends with hunger and starvation begins with the feeling of hunger and ends with death”. Fast not only removes the impurities of the body but also purifies the mind and soul. Fasting is a natural condition, the purpose of the fast is to give complete rest to the digestive system.

There are different types of fasting according to the time, diet, and health condition, so let’s take them one by one.

18 Hours Fasting OR Morning Fast

This is the easiest way of fasting, in this, you must give up only your morning breakfast, lunch, and dinner are taken. This is known as the “No Breakfast System”. Your first meal should be at 2 pm and the second meal should be at 8 pm.

12 Hours Fasting OR Afternoon Fast

In this fast only one food item is taken at a time, for example, if bread is taken in the morning, only vegetables are taken in the evening. The next day one kind of fruit is taken in the morning and only milk is taken in the evening.

24 Hours Fasting OR Evening Fast

This is known as a Half fast or one-time fast, in this only one meal is taken during the day and no dinner is taken. Those who are suffering from chronic disease benefit greatly from this fast. One should take natural food during this fast.

Meal Skipping OR Complete Fast

In a complete fast one takes only clean water and no food, either solid or liquid, during a complete fast.


According to Ayurveda and Naturopathy, there is no medicine like proper food, by improving one diet and eating habits one can live healthily, which is why food is regarded to be the best medicine. It is well written in Ayurveda “To eat more than required is the root cause of all diseases”. There are three causes described under wrong food habits in Ayurveda, first is “Atyog” which means overindulgence of food, second is “Ayog” which means no intake of food, and the last one is “Mityog” which means taking wrong food.

The purpose of eating food is not merely to satisfy hunger or taste, not also the purpose to fatten the gross body. When we take food, our purpose should be to improve our mental and spiritual health, besides nourishing the body. We are completely healthy when our body, mind, and soul, all three are healthy. If any of them is not healthy we cannot be regarded to be completely healthy.

Keeping this in mind our food is divided into three categories, Satvik, Rajasik, and Tamasik. Satvik food is good for the health of the body, mind, and soul, Rajasik food strengthens the body, but is not good for spiritual growth. Food like onion and garlic, are good for the health of the physical body but have a bad effect on the mind and spirit, such food is known as Tamasik.

The characteristics of Satvik food are 

  1. It strengthens the body.
  2. It checks the weakening of the body.
  3. It maintains the proper temperature of the body.
  4. It is strength given.
  5. It is digested quickly.
  6. It is not exciting.
  7. It enhances memory, life span, and beauty.

There is some combination which is good for health, these principles should be known everyone, these are followed.

  • When we take protein-rich foods, like meat, fish, eggs, gram flour, lentils, etc., it is helpful to take bitter items with them, like yogurt, orange juice, grapes, lemon, and tomato. They help in digesting protein-rich foods.
  • Starch-rich foods like wheat, barley, maize, millet, rice, potato, etc., have a good combination with uncooked or raw food, like salad, fruits, and dry fruits.
  • Fatty foods are not digested in the stomach, they are digested in the intestines, therefore they should be taken with protein-rich foods or starch-rich foods.
  • Starch-rich foods and fatty foods should be taken with green vegetables.

The blood of a person is regarded to be pure if it is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic after the chemical process in it. This means that if one portion of our daily diet is acidic producing, four times that portion should be alkaline producing. Only then we would remain healthy, otherwise not.

Many diseases are caused because of a lack of alkalinity in the blood, such diseases are diabetes, eye disease, all kind of fever, and all kind of aliment connected to the digestive system. If eating a foodstuff, tastes bitter, it should not be regarded as acidic. Its acidity does not depend on its taste but on what it becomes after it enters the stomach, for example, lemon is 100% alkaline, though it tastes bitter. Not only lemon but all fresh fruits which are bitter are alkaline because after entering the stomach they become alkaline.

Now, we know about the importance of the right way of fasting and eating habits for our body, but the question is how to follow these rules. Here I have something for you, I am sharing my plan by which I reduced my belly fat in 1.5 months by following the combination of both fasting and food. 

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Easy Belly Fat Reduce Plan

  • In the morning at 7:30 am or your wakeup time, take one glass of lukewarm water then take double-toned milk without sugar, do not add any sugar alternative also. You can take coffee or tea if you don’t like milk but without sugar.
  • First meal should be taken in the afternoon at 2 pm, take a protein diet like 2 boiled eggs with yolk, or one bowl of cottage cheese, or boiled lentils with one apple and one cup of sour yogurt.
  • Second meal should be taken at night, 8 pm, take a full diet like one bowl of dal, 2 whole grain bread, salad, and vegetables.
  • Take Apple Cider Vinegar 10 minutes before the second meal, the right way of taking apple cider vinegar is - Take a glass and add 1 ½ tbsp of apple cider vinegar, then add normal water, half glass, then add one tsp of lime juice, add sea salt as per taste. Stir it well and drink it with any kind of straw except a copper straw.
  • You must AVOID SUGAR and carbs food, do not take sweet items in any form.
  • Stop immediately your munching habit, it is the major factor of all digestive problems. 

Why Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar helps to create acid in the stomach which is useful and helpful in digestion, it also fills the tummy and that is why you eat less.

Final Words

I followed this plan and reduced 6 kg in one n a half months and 4 inches of lower belly fat, you also can reduce belly fat. It is a very easy and simple plan, and you don’t need to be on a diet or give up anything. In this plan, I have included 18 hours of Intermittent Fasting with a rich protein diet and a full meal. You can also include some little workouts.

When you start this plan, first measure your waist size and weight, then note it down in a copy, and check the weight and waist size after the end of every week. In that way, you can track your belly size and it will motivate you. Follow this plan and post a comment in the comment section about your experience with this plan.

Note: The suggested plan is for people considered generally healthy, if you have any medical condition, please consult the doctor before trying any method.


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