Essence Butea Monosperma Flower Tea, Palash Phool, Herbal Tea
Essence Butea Monosperma Flower Tea, Palash Phool, Herbal Tea
Essence Butea Monosperma Flower Tea, Palash Phool, Herbal Tea

Essence Butea Monosperma Flower Tea, Palash Phool, Herbal Tea

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Unlock the vibrant essence of nature with Essence Butea Monosperma Flower Tea, a delightful infusion crafted from the radiant petals of the Palash Phool. Experience the magic of this exquisite herbal tea, as it brings together tradition, wellness, and a burst of natural flavor.

Additional Information

What Are Butea Monosperma Flowers?

Butea Monosperma, lovingly known as "Palash" or "Flame of the Forest," is celebrated across India for its stunning red and orange blossoms. These captivating flowers hold not only cultural significance but also a treasure trove of health benefits.

What Sets Essence Butea Monosperma Flower Tea Apart?

Essence ensures that every pack contains premium, hand-picked Butea Monosperma flower petals, preserving their freshness and potency.  Our commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing reflects our dedication to preserving nature's gifts.

Essence Butea Monosperma Flower Tea boasts a mild, floral taste with a subtle earthy note, offering a sensory journey that's as delightful as it is beneficial.

How to Use It?

Brewing a cup of Essence Butea Monosperma Flower Tea is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Measure the Petals: For a single cup, use 1-2 teaspoons of dry Butea Monosperma flower petals.

  2. Boil Water: Heat fresh, cold water to a rolling boil.

  3. Add Petals: Place the dry flower petals in your teapot, tea infuser, or directly into your cup.

  4. Pour Hot Water: Gently pour the hot water over the petals.

  5. Steep: Allow the petals to steep for 3-5 minutes to extract the delicate flavors and health benefits.

  6. Strain: Remove the petals or strain the tea into your cup.

  7. Optional Enhancements: Customize your tea with honey or lemon for an added twist.

  8. Sip and Savor: Sip and savor the captivating flavors of Essence Butea Monosperma Flower Tea and embrace the wellness it brings.

Benefits of Essence Butea Monosperma Flower Tea:

  1. Antioxidant Rich: Bursting with antioxidants, Palash Phool tea may help combat free radicals and promote overall well-being.

  2. Immune Support: The natural compounds in Butea Monosperma flowers are believed to support a healthy immune system.

  3. Digestive Aid: Enjoy the soothing qualities of this herbal tea, which may assist in digestion and alleviate minor discomfort.

  4. Stress Relief: Sip on the soothing properties of Palash Phool to unwind and relax, making it a perfect addition to your daily ritual.

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