Prestige Svachh Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Review – 5.5 Liter

The pressure cooker is an important part of our kitchen, it’s saving time and effort. There are two kinds of cooker mainly used in the kitchen which are Aluminum & Stainless steel. According to health experts cooking in stainless steel cooker is safe because aluminum gets into food while cooking in it.

That’s why we have chosen stainless steel cooker for review. It is very popular nowadays and the brand Prestige has recently done some changes in their cooker lids. So, let’s check it out.

1. Introduction

The Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker is an induction cooktop friendly. Its unique lid contains any spillage that might occur during cooking and prevents the messy liquid from dripping down.

It is made of high-quality stainless steel for long life. It has an anti-bulge base with a unique pressure indicator.

2. Special Features of Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker

Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker Lid
  • Unique deep lid: The unique deep lid is designed to prevent the messy starchy water from flowing down the cooker, keeping it clean and making it easy to maintain.
  • Sleek, new look reinforced lid.
  • A unique Safety mechanism called Pressure Indicator (PI) which rises when there is pressure inside the vessel and drops when the pressure drops to zero indicating that the Pressure Cooker is ready to open.
  • The new unique controlled GRS (Gasket Release System) which release the pressure safely in case there is any abnormal buildup of pressure.
  • Rugged handles with matt finish, aerodynamic curves for better grip, easy handling, and cleaning.
  • Unique alpha Induction Base: this new heavy duty induction base of the cooker ensures even distribution of heat without hot spots. The design of the base ensures that the base does not bulge, and the cooker gives long and trouble-free service.
  • The Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker now can be used for cooking on any induction cook top.

3. Description of Parts

There are many parts in a pressure cooker, let’s see what they are.

  • Weight Valve Assembly: The weight valve is made to perfect precision. It operates when the pressure reaches around 1kg/ and whistles, which are loud and clear. The vent tube is made of stainless steel for ling life.
  • Pressure Indicator: A pressure indicator rises when there is pressure inside the vessel and drops when the pressure drops zero indicating that the pressure cooker is ready to open.
  • Handles: For convenient handling, Prestige Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker has strong, heat proof, matt finish PF handles.
  • Flame Guard: the flame guard is specially designed to protect the body handle from heat when placed on the stove.
  • Gasket: The cooker comes with food grade nitrile rubber gasket which is self-compensating. This revolutionary design does not impart any color, taste or odor to the food cooked in this cooker.
  • Mini Metallic Safety Plug: this safety plug melts to let out steam. This happens hen the temperature / pressure rises beyond the safe level. This is due to the cooker having insufficient water or food particles blocking / clogging the vent tube.
  • Indication Base: The base of cooker comes with heavy duty alpha indication base which enables the cooker to be used on all induction cooktops.

4. Works on Different Heat Source

The Prestige Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker can be used on many different heat sources which are Gas stove, electric hot plate, induction, cooktop, ceramic cooktop, and halogen cooktop.

  • Gas Stove: Ensure maximum heat / flame before placing cooker on the stove. However, ensure that the flame is always within the base of the cooker. For 2L pressure cooker, always use only small burner of the gas stove. Reduce the heat /flame as soon as pressure build up and whistles the first time.
  • Electric Hot Plate: Place the cooker on the hot plate and turn on maximum power. Reduce the heat as soon as pressure builds up and whistle the first time.
  • Halogen cooktops: Place the cooker on the halogen cook tops and turn on maximum powder. Reduce the heat as soon as pressure builds up and whistle the first time.
  • Induction Cooktops: when using the pressure cooker on induction cooktop, place the cooker on induction cooktop and press the appropriate function to start cooking. Please note the rate of heat absorbed by the cooker may vary between different models of induction cooktops.

5. Safety Features of Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker

TTK Prestige has been the pioneer in introducing various safety features for consumers. Prestige Pressure cooker comes with 4 safety features.

  • The Weight Valve – As soon as the pressure inside the cooker reaches the normal cooking pressure, the weight valve releases steam with a loud and clear whistle. For the normal cooking of food, three or four whistles are adequate to complete the cooking. The weight valve works as both the control and pressure regulating device maintaining correct pressure all times.
  • The Pressure Indicator – When the pressure inside the cooker starts building up, the pressure indicator gets pushed above the level of lid. This indicates that your cooker is under pressure. Similarly, after cooking is over and the issue of steam stops completely, the pressure indicator will drop to the level of the lid, giving you a visible indication that you can safely open the cooker.
  • Controlled GRS – GRS (Gasket Release system) The cooker comes with improved version of the GRS. This unique safety device makes your cooker completely safe even if the weight valve fails to function due to overload or blockage of the vent tube.\

6. How to Use Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker?

You can follow these steps for better use of the Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker without any hassle. Here are these steps.

  • Water to be used – Before you start cooking in the pressure cooker, make sure that there is enough water in the pressure cooker. The quantity of water varies with the model of the cooker. For first 15 minutes of cooking, pour 300ml or 1 ½  cups of water for 2 land 3 l cookers. Pour 400ml (2cups) of water for other cooker models.

For cereals like dal/lentils allow a few minutes before closing the lid to avoid excess forth. Add one tbsp of oil or ghee while cooking dal. When you are cooking liquid foods, please use the quantity of water as specified in the recipe.

  • Procedure – Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker comes without separators and is ideal for direct cooking. To do direct cooking, always take correct quantity of water as mentioned above which is required for steam generation.

In addition to the water required for cooking the foodstuff. This comes by practice as it is dependent upon the quantity of dal, rice, etc. Normally the recommended quantity of water for rice is 1:2 ½ and for dal 1:1 ½.

Make sure the vent tube is completely free from blockage before closing the lid. This can be done by looking through the vent tube hole and ensuring that the light is visible. Ensure that the gasket is properly placed in its place in the lid.

7. Dos and Don’ts

There are some instructions to ensure that your Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker is always kept in good working condition.

Do’s Don’ts
Always use the cooker with enough water. Never place an empty pressure cooker on heat source.
Always ensure the vent tube is completely free from any blockage. Dry heating the cooker or using excessive heat may lead a separation of the induction plate from the body.
When cooking a dal in cooker, always add a spoonful of any cooking oil or ghee. Prestige cooker should not be filled more than 2/3 of its capacity.
Ensure that the gasket of cooker is properly placed in its place in the lid. Never attempt to force open the lid of the cooker.
If the steam escaped around the lid. It could be that anew gasket should be fitted. Never leave the cooker in water for long as it may cause pitting.
Avoid damage to the sealing rim of the lid and the body. Never use hard and abrasives to wash your cooker.
Always store a cooker with its lid open to prevent mustiness. Never try to repair the Pressure indicator and mini-MSP.
Handle the weight carefully. Keep it clean. Pressure cooker should not be used for deep frying.
Always keep the handle fully tightened. Do not interchange the lids of your cooker when you have two or more cookers of different ages.
Always buy genuine parts of Prestige cooker.  
Replace your gasket and mini metallic safety plug every year for safe functioning.  
Whenever you want to open the cooker lid, wait for the pressure indicator to drop then gently tilt the weight and remove carefully.  

8. How to Service Your Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker?

For the convenience of the customer, Prestige has established a wide network of Authorized service centers throughout the country where trained mechanics will service your cooker. In case of any trouble /complaint you can write for the prompt attention to:

Customer Service Cell
TTK Prestige Limited
NO. 110/5, Aruna Arcade, First Floor,
Lalbagh Road, Sudhamanagar,
Near Urvashi Theatre,
Bangalore – 560 027
PH: 1800-123-334411

9. How to Maintain Your Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker?

To keep your Prestige Deluxe Alpha Svachh Pressure Cooker looking always new, please follow the instruction given below.

  • Avoid leaving foodstuff especially those containing salt in the cooker overnight. As it may cause pitting inside the cooker.
  • After each use wash it with hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • For stubborn stains, it is recommended that you sue a nylon scrubber.
  • Avoid the use of metal scouring pads or hard abrasive for cleaning the cooker as they may cause scratches.

10. Spare Parts List

S.No. Part Name Suitable Model (Liter)
1 Mini Gasket 2 L, 3.5 L
2 Jr. Gasket 3 L, 4 L & 5.5 L
3 Sr. Gasket 6.5 l, 8.0 L, 10 L,
4 Supreme Aux handle Mini / Pan (a type) Sr Pan 4 L, Sr Deep Pan, 5 L
5 Popular Aux Handle Jr 3.5 L
6 Dlx Aux Handle Sr 6.5 L, 8 L & 10 L
7 Body handle deluxe All models
9 Cover handle deluxe All models
10 Mini MSP with “O” ring All models
11 Ss flame guard Mini / Alu Deluxe All models
12 SS Valve Stem WDNUT (N.CR) All models
13 SS Wt. Valve Assy Dia 23 mm All models
14 VPI with Eyelet Red All models

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