DIY Vegetarian Chemical Free Herbal Ayurvedic Hair Pack and Oil Recipe – 2022


The Essence presents a DIY herbal kit for your hair problems like hair loss, splits ends, premature graying of hair, hair growth, and strengthening hair. This is an herbal hair kit that comes with four different herbs, it is also a Do-It-Yourself kit, you can make your own hair pack and hair oil at home with very minimum effort.

This pack contains Indian Gooseberry (Amla), FALSE DAISY (BHRINGRAJ), BACOPA MONNIERI (BRAHMI), and HIBISCUS (GUDHAL). These herbs are plucked from the trees, packed without any adulteration, and unprocessed to ensure that you will get 100%Natural Premium Quality herbs.

DIY Vegetarian Chemical Free Herbal Ayurvedic Hair Pack and Oil Recipe – 2022

Indian Gooseberry, False Daisy, Bacopa Monnieri, and Hibiscus, these herbs are used in Ayurveda for a long time because of their incredible benefits for hair problems. Each herb resolves the specific problem and together they act like a protective shield against hair problems.


Like, Indian Gooseberry strengthens your hair, stops hair fall, and helps control premature grey hairs. False Daisy prevents hair loss, splits ends, and avoids premature graying of hair. It promotes hair growth and strengthens hair. Bacopa Monnieri makes your hair rejuvenate, strong, long, and thick. Brahmi is also reducing tension, mental stress, and anxiety and enhances memory. Hibiscus is also called a hair cleanser and stops hair shedding. It also conditions the roots and increases hair volume and shine.

This DIY herbal hair care kit is an Ayurvedic formula that strengthens the hair, helps to control premature grey hairs, stops hair fall, prevents hair breakage, resulting in long, strong hair, and fights against dandruff and itchy scalp. This kit is also a part of DIY hair oil, that helps to reduce the roughness and dullness of hair and gives a soft texture and smooth texture with stimulating hair growth.


These herbs come with ziplocked and airtight packing to ensure freshness and quality and preserve their natural, medicinal, and beneficial nutrients. Herbs are cleaned and dried before being packed with attention and care to maintain efficiency. This DIY pack has been locally produced and hygienically packed with our skilled local artisans. This pack is fragrance-free, synthetic colorant, and preservative free and a healthier solution for your hair care.

How to make a hair pack and hair oil with DIY Herbal Kit?

The steps of making a hair pack and oil are very simple and easy and the results are favorable, this do-it-yourself kit contains the four-step process of making herbal shampoo and the three-step process of making herbal hair oil.

DIY Homemade Herbal Hair Pack

DIY Homemade Herbal Hair Pack

  • Take a bowl and mix 1tbsp of all herbs, Indian Gooseberry, False Daisy, Bacopa Monnieri, and Hibiscus and soak in water overnight.
  • In the morning, heat the mixture and bring it to a boil, reduce the flame for 3-4 minutes, then turn it off.
  • Allow to cool it down.
  • Take a blender and add this mixture, blend it, and make a smooth paste.
  • Now use this mixture as a hair pack.
  • Apply this mixture on the scalp and then on the length and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Wash your head after 20 minutes with normal water.

DIY Homemade Herbal Hair Oil

DIY Homemade Herbal Hair Oil

  • Take a cleaned and empty jar and add Essence herbs to the jar in equal quantities.
  • Add hair oil, you can add any kind of hair oil like olive, coconut, mustard, whichever you like.
  • For best results coconut and olive oil are best.
  • Cover the jar with a lid and put it under sunlight for a week.
  • After one week, strain the oil in another jar and discard the strained solids.

DIY Hair Oil is Ready to Use

Now homemade herbal oil is ready to use, first apply this oil to a clean scalp and then on length, leave it for 3-4 hours, for best results leave it overnight. Wash your hair with DIY herbal shampoo.

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